Rockface Landscapes


Willowdale Retirement Living

Patterson Building Group // Levande Retirement Living

Denham Court, Sydney

Rock Face Landscapes provides a full circle of services from initial civil works, landscaping construction right through to ongoing landscape Maintenance.

As a contractor for Patterson Building Group, Rock Face was engaged to complete the construction works for part stages of the 70 unit Willowdale Retirement Living complex throughout 2022. This primarily included landscaping softworks of soils, plants & trees, streetscape edging & fencing, turf and stoneworks.

Rock Face has since been engaged by Levande for the full landscape maintenance contract of the village. The scope of works includes a permanent establishment of team members on-site performing the garden services. These include turf and pest maintenance, pruning, sculping and monitoring garden areas, as well as general services such as garden waste and wide rangingĀ ad-hoc requests for tree management / landscaping additions for all 70 units and common areas of the precinct.

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